What is the status of the Transparency Act among Norwegian businesses?

KPMG has analyzed how 100 companies report on their human rights due diligence in the first year of the Act.

Under the Transparency Act, covered enterprises must report on their due diligence by 30 June each year. 

Apart from some exceptions of good practice, most enterprises report that they have spent most of their time on desk work and risk assessments, and less time on following up human rights and decent working conditions in the field, for those concerned.

Some of our findings:

  • 8% had not published an account.
  • Most enterprises reported potential risks in their industries and supply chains, but few enterprises link risk directly to their own operations or supply chains.
  • Most enterprises report that they follow the OECD's due diligence methodology, but few enterprises reported specific measures and effects for employees in local or global value chains.
  • 50% did not cover actual violations of decent working conditions or human rights. In 25 % of cases, this was unclear.
  • Few businesses reported on how they have contributed to recovery of breaches. 
  • Many reports were difficult to find and written in an inaccessible academic language.
  • Few enterprises reported involving stakeholders in their due diligence assessments (e.g. representatives of vulnerable groups).

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