How does this work?

Together with our partner Circular IQ , we will generate objective and data-backed reports that help you identify and underpin your products’ eco-impact (like the cost of carbon, for example) and their circularity performance.

Who is it for?

This program helps frontrunners and sustainability leaders seeking to activate their sustainability, procurement and product teams in achieving their circularity goals.

What is the program about?

A step-by-step holistic program that helps you gather actionable insights into the eco-impact and circularity of your products and the products of your suppliers. This program will empower your decision-making towards achieving your sustainability goals.

KPMG was at the forefront of the development of Product Circularity Improvement Program (PCIP) in partnership with Circular IQ , which is a program to quantify and improve the impact of your products and assets through comprehensive data-driven, eco-impact circularity analysis.

What is included?

A 5-step process, supported by KPMG experts, and a digital tool that generates comprehensive eco-impact and circularity characteristics through a single report. With this tool, you can enhance your decision-making.

Do you want to know more about PCIP?

Please refer to the our partner Circular IQ for more information. For questions, please contact Arnoud Walrecht.

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