KPMG was at the forefront of the development of the WBCSD Circularity Transition Indicators (CTI) framework, the first global open standard for measuring and monitoring circularity.

The CTI framework provides a common language and enables companies to measure and monitor their circular performance. Subsequently, it provides a seven step process on how companies can use the insights for business decision making and for setting a circular strategy with circular targets and objectives.

The CTI framework allows companies to take ownership of their circular transition by assessing the linear risks and discovering circular opportunities.

KPMG supports in every step of the CTI process

KPMG specialists can help your business in obtaining insights into circular performance by following the Circular Transition Indicator framework process. KPMG has helped multiple companies in adopting the framework and has first-hand knowledge as co-author of CTI. Read more about how KPMG can help in our brochure.

Do you want to know more about CTI?

Please refer to the following links for an introductory video, the framework report and an online webinar.  For questions, please contact Arnoud Walrecht or Suzanne Kuiper .

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