At KPMG, we developed a business strategy methodology to support our clients through the process of creating and implementing circular strategies that last. This approach is flexible and can be adapted to specific needs of the client. It provides a proven approach to deliver circular transformation projects, from strategy to implementation. 

Creating a circular economy strategy that aligns with your corporate ambitions

KPMG’s circular economy strategy approach provides a clear structure to companies that want to develop an achievable ambition and that wish to understand how to arrive at the desired result. The approach consists out of 4 steps which we will conclude in close collaboration with the client. We start by assessing your current operations and identifying current value cases within the business. For any transformation project, strategy is driving it, so it’s important to look at the ambition level, scope and business case to embed circularity into the organization. From there, we define the delta and work with you on the detailed strategy design and change management required across all functions of the business. KPMG will help you with a proven methodology, based on our strong conceptual ‘language for the circular economy’: CTI, which was developed together with WBCSD.

Circular Economy graph

Bringing the strategy into action

KPMG supports its clients in bringing their ambition and defined strategy to life through the development of actionable implementation roadmaps for key business functions. These roadmaps show essential interventions over time in order to achieve the set goals. Furthermore, capacity building programs for various stakeholder groups can be developed. This entails equipping internal stakeholder groups with the necessary knowledge and skills to becoming - and staying -  a circular frontrunner.  

Who is it for?

This service helps companies with circular economy ambitions, seeking for a structured way to embed circular economy strategy into their organization. KPMG has the platform to bring together multifunctional teams – including strategy & operations, sustainability, finance, tax and people & change or innovation specialists – with the pedigree to deliver a full scale circular economy transformation project.

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