KPMG Clara

KPMG Clara improves and streamlines the entire audit process by providing a single central secure platform and ensuring a consistent and transparent working method.

KPMG Clara has been developed for continuous monitoring with the help of the latest cognitive and AI solutions. Thanks to collaborations with leading technology firms like Microsoft and IBM, we lead the way in terms of technological developments.

This offers higher audit quality, a more efficient audit process and more in-depth insights.

The KPMG Clara Workflow ensures the application of our worldwide professional standards, methodology and process management. Integrated project planning and active milestone management help to streamline the audit process.

This yields a consistent audit process because our team members and specialists all around the world are using the same audit data and documents, regardless of where they are.

The KPMG Clara Client Collaboration portal is your personalised portal, giving you 24/7 realtime access to the status of the audit. You can see how the audit is proceeding, which tasks require specific attention and who is the best KPMG team member to contact. The portal provides a clear and transparent picture of the milestones, progress and responsibilities, makes collaboration with your teams easier and saves you time, allowing you to focus on the most important issues. It also offers access to KPMG industry knowledge and thought leadership.

With KPMG Clara Data & Analytics, we are employing the latest D&A technologies to deliver ever deeper insights. We use D&A to visualise the transaction flow through your financial system, evaluate configuration data about your controls and identify risks in your financial data. By using your data and combining it with knowledge from KPMG's entire global network, we can have more focused conversations with you about specific problems and exceptions, so that your audit generates more value. 

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