Our accountants play a key role in keeping society’s day-to-day business running smoothly. So for us, quality always comes first. That calls for an open culture, and a critical attitude and integrity on the part of our people. Our internal quality system assures the highest quality. This allows us to provide the level of confidence that is expected of us. You can read how we continually improve our quality below.

Our perspective on audit quality

Audit quality is about more than simply complying with standards and rules. Quality also means offering relevant insights on issues as and when society demands it of us. Naturally, quality also means that we continue to improve in everything we do.

An open culture focused on quality

Independence and integrity are the foundations of our quality culture. We foster a learning organisation in which making mistakes is allowed, provided we learn from them. We encourage our professionals to have the courage to be open and keep asking questions. That starts with setting the right tone at the top.

A strong quality system

Quality starts with a robust internal quality system. We hold Quality Performance Reviews all year round, and we have a clear system of indicators to measure our quality. We use the results to further improve our audit quality. Interested in the results? You'll find the most recent scores in our annual report. For figures about quality, you can also take a look at the Accountancy Dashboard of industry body NBA.

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