An inadequate accounting manual and incomplete reporting instructions can result in incorrect financial reports. Stakeholders, such as management, investors and analysts, demand a clear presentation of your results, based on a correct and consistent application of accounting policies. Challenges you may encounter in this respect are, for example:

  • Is the accounting manual applied consistently and are the reporting requirements represented correctly?
  • Does our accounting manual ensure that the results are delivered to our investors in an informative and correct manner?
  • What are the changes in reporting areas in the ERP system after an update of the system?
  • Do my annual accounts meet all disclosure requirements?

Digital Accounting Manual

Your Digital Accounting Manual makes the company's financial standard available to your financial community in a digital and user-friendly way. It serves as the single source of truth and includes collaborative features that help your financial community work together to maintain the standard of funding.


KPMG helps to ensure that your accounting manual accurately reflects the most recent reporting requirements and is drafted in a user-friendly manner. We ensure this by:

  • assessing or updating the technical correctness and completeness of your accounting manual;
  • reflecting new developments in the field of reporting in your accounting manual and increasing its user-friendliness;
  • providing insight into reporting options and the associated implications of the various options;
  • assessing planned ERP updates and understanding their implications;
  • determining in an initial assessment of the financial statements whether they meet the relevant disclosure requirements;
  • assisting in the preparation of disclosures for the financial statements.

For more information, please contact Niels Ebbinkhuijsen or Gijs de Graaff.

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