Why Agile?

The ability to respond directly to fast-changing customer needs and market conditions, greater transparency, digitisation of processes and a better grip on IT are essential principles of a digital strategy. The consequence is that the existing configuration of IT in the organisation and models of cooperation between IT and the business need to be revised in order to properly meet changing needs. But how do you configure an agile organisation?

Agile & Digital operating models

In the design of new Agile & Digital operating models, we keep a broad perspective in which all aspects of your organisation are included. Our experts focus on organisation and control in relation to the business, processes, sourcing, technology, performance management and skills. We opt for an integrated approach, in which we assure the quality and continuity of IT and maintain the appropriate focus on technological developments. The result is an operating model your business can use to maximise customer value.

The benefits of Agile & Digital operating models

  • Maximum customer focus
  • Efficient processes
  • Respond quickly to changes in the marketplace  
  • Inspiring environment for talent

How KPMG can help you

KPMG supports companies with the far-reaching but necessary process of change towards an Agile & Digital operating model. Thanks to our broad and in-depth expertise in the various domains of Agile & Digital operating models, we are able to develop an appropriate approach for your organisation. KPMG’s expertise extends from bi-model/hybrid models to advanced (Biz)DevOps, Agile at Scale and continuous delivery solutions. Because we are already doing this in large organisations, we always have the most up-to-date solutions.

More information? Contact our specialists

Tim de Koning
Director, Digital Transformation