Far-reaching demographic and technological developments, more complex regulations and changing customer expectations continue to shake up the insurance world. This is resulting in significant opportunities and challenges for insurers.


As an insurance company, how do make sure you respond properly to today’s demanding customers and design an experience that places the customer at the centre of your company? With the help of data & analytics, you can obtain a clear picture of your customers, offer better services and reach new customers.

Digital transformation

In order to survive in the digital world, insurance companies not only need to deliver superior customer experience, they also need to keep their promises more quickly. But digitisation also offers opportunities; by digitising your business processes, you can reduce costs and achieve better operating results. Together we will make sure your organisation is able to capitalise on the opportunities that digitisation offers.

M&A will become more important in overarching strategy

In order to achieve strategic and operational goals, insurers need to continually respond to changing circumstances. Mergers and acquisitions can be an integral part of achieving these objectives. Successful insurers operate a mergers & acquisitions policy focused on consolidation, strategic investments/divestments and partnerships in order to promote their profitability and growth.

Regulation increases the importance of risk management

Regulations in the insurance sector are constantly changing. How do you make sure you understand the new regulations and deploy the right technology platform to implement the international and local regulations and integrate risk management measures throughout your organisation?

Innovations in audit

The data age provides businesses with information for decisions at lightning speed. At the same time, there is a desire for assurance about the interpretation of data. An audit provides that. Often, an independent check of the figures provides more insights than companies realise. That story behind the figures – translated and told by KPMG people – adds value and makes it possible to gain real insight and ensure a compliant, competitive and responsible tax profile.

KPMG Netherlands employs around 150 Insurance professionals. Led by senior partners, our multidisciplinary teams will help you prepare your business for the future, with partnership and knowledge transfer being paramount.

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