Housing associations are an important instrument in our society. Almost 300 housing associations in the Netherlands enable their tenants to live comfortably and affordably. As such, housing associations play a significant social role.

Housing associations face many challenges. As a result of changing legislation and regulations, housing associations are being required to implement reforms and make significant investments, while their earning capacity and ability to attract funding are under pressure. Housing associations have a substantial investment task, not only for the construction of new homes in order to reduce the scarcity in the housing market but also due to the sustainability task to make their stock of housing sustainable. This entails operational and financial challenges.

Other challenges for housing association are appropriate allocation of homes, the increasing complexity of the target group, strict accountability requirements towards regulators and issues around digitisation and the use of big data. Housing associations will also increasingly need to work together to fulfil their tasks and will increasingly operate in a directive role. If housing associations managed to respond to these challenges effectively, the whole of society will benefit and they will have a major social impact.

KPMG is keen to help housing associations with these challenges. KPMG is a reliable partner that can assist you in increasing your impact. Besides our support, we offer innovation and inspiration. Together with the competencies which are already present within the housing association, KPMG’s advisors and accountants contribute to new insights and an increased capacity for change. This partnership will deliver a more rapid and sustainable improvement in performance on behalf of society.

Based on the certifying control task, our accounts add value to the housing association by performing robust checks. Checks focusing on internal control, reporting structure, external accountability about annual performance, etc. Again, extensive experience, innovation and partnership with the housing association go hand in hand to achieve real progress.

Our advisors have extensive expertise within the housing association sector and can also draw on knowledge from other sectors. They are personal and pleasant to work with, enthusiastic and driven and help realise change. This makes KPMG the knowledge and consultancy partner for housing associations that want to develop and improve their organisations in order to increase their societal impact.

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