Developments to which asset managers must respond. Offering tailor-made solutions at lower costs, that is the challenge facing the pensions industry.

KPMG helps professional parties in the asset management and pensions sector deal with these challenges. From implementing the Act, an operating model transformation, digitising or outsourcing administrative processes to managing a complex supervision file or the move towards true ESG integration. With a sector team led by twenty partners in the Netherlands and consisting of more than two hundred professionals.

Asset management and pension funds: an industry in transition

The asset management and pension sector is in the midst of change. Sociological and cultural shifts, such as ageing, individualisation and a rapidly changing labour market, are eroding the sustainability of the current model. Pension funds, other institutional investors and administration organisations are challenged in many areas at once. New legislation, such as the Future Pensions Act (Wtp), has to be woven into (legacy) IT systems, processes and governance. On top of that, there is pressure from participants, investors, regulators and society to continue creating value not only now, but also in the future by making pensions far more sustainable. And all this against a background of cost pressures.

Strength in multidisciplinary approach

KPMG is pre-eminently the accountant, assurance partner and advisor who understands the sector, who starts the conversation about today's challenges and who brings value and efficiency by applying innovative (technological) means.

As a consultant, our strength lies specifically in the multidisciplinary approach we take, approaching and helping to solve challenges from different perspectives. In doing so, we combine expertise in the relevant functional areas with deep knowledge of the market. And always act from our conviction that the best solutions come about when the professionals of our clients and those of KPMG work shoulder to shoulder.

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