The KPMG Customer Maturity Diagnostic is an assessment tool that has proven to be an effective tool for understanding the current and aspired maturity level of your front-office functions, i.e. Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Customer Experience (CX) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It is used by many organisations as the first step in transforming to a customer-centric organisation.

It gives a clear picture of where there is potential for improvement and which specific capabilities are performing strongly. These insights help determine which steps can be taken to improve essential components.

customer maturity diagnostic

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The KPMG Customer Maturity Diagnostic is a complete and holistic model based on leading practices. The Maturity Diagnostic is easily scalable and helps your organisation capitalise on key trends, for example in responding to increased customer expectations. Through the Maturity Diagnostic, the strengths and weaknesses of your front-office functions are identified so that those insights can be used to improve the customer experience in a targeted way. Moreover, because the Maturity Diagnostic is an integrated and holistic model with a focus on all front-office functions, it helps break down the common silos within organisations.

Together with you, we select the relevant front-office functions through a survey conducted among selected stakeholders within your organisation to get a complete picture of the level of maturity. Based on the results of this questionnaire and any interviews, we prioritise the areas for improvement and draw up an improvement plan to kick-start your transformation. 

The Maturity Diagnostic answers questions about your current strategy and operations and can act as a starting point for transformation:

  • Strategy assessment: Is your strategy up to date? Are you achieving your objectives? Do you have an integrated vision for your front-office (functions)?
  • Functional or digital transformations: Are you about to redesign your Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, CX or CRM function? Are you planning to implement a new CRM system or other front-office technology?
  • Assessment of your current operations: Is the performance of your Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, CX and CRM capabilities lagging behind your customers' expectations? Do you want insight into strengths and areas for improvement to improve results?

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