Government & Public Sector

Government & Public Sector

Working hand in hand with Monegasque public actors in their efforts to modernize and optimize their performance.

Working hand in hand with Monegasque public actors optimize their performance.

Optimizing your performance

Our team dedicated to the public sector intervenes in the heart of the Principality of Monaco. Made up of professionals, specialized consultants, sector experts, accountants, auditors, and former civil servants, it allows to intervene in various fields of the public, governmental and associative sector of Monaco.

Our advanced skills in many fields - public finance, taxation, organization, human resources, information systems, evaluation, audit and risk control - allow us to assist you in the reconciliation of structures, the optimization of processes, the choice and the implementation of new management methods, the definition of a financial and fiscal strategy, the setting up and financing of operations, the certification of accounts.

Whether you are looking for tax or legal assistance, or want to overcome the challenges associated with a constantly changing diversity of the urban population, the KPMG GLD & Associés Monaco teams are at your side to achieve your goals.

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