Our sectorial approach

Our sectorial approach

KPMG Monaco develops dedicated sectoral skills to implement solutions that anticipate or meet your expectations.

KPMG Monaco develops dedicated sectoral skills to anticipate or meet your expectations.

KPMG Monaco industries

Mirroring the economic environment of the Principality of Monaco, we serve a very diversified clientele in Multi Family Office, Audit, Accounting Expertise, and Advisory, that expects their professional advisers to have a thorough knowledge of their sector of activity.

Our team has in-depth knowledge of a large number of sectors represented in the Principality of Monaco, including:

  • the banking sector ;
  • portfolio management companies ;
  • the family office ;
  • service companies ;
  • the shipping sector ;
  • yachting ;
  • real estate ;
  • trading and wholesale ;
  • the construction industry.

For these sectors, we know both their regulations and their specificities in the Principality. We perform missions:

  • Audit and Statutory Auditors ;
  • multiannual externalization of the internal or periodic control function ;
  • development of accreditation files ;
  • of Accounting Expertise ;
  • outsourcing of declaratives.

KPMG advocates offering a service guided by the sectoral approach. In the Principality, we are confident that we can add value to customers by having a deep understanding of their industry, and by continually working to increase our knowledge of the sectors we serve.

And by leveraging the strong skills of their global peers and the latest knowledge and communication tools, our professionals provide customers with industry-specific services that deliver real value.

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