KPMG's Global Energy network works with major organizations in a variety of energy related sectors to respond to business issues and trends.

Global Energy network responds to business issues and trends.

The economic context, the technological and regulatory developments are shaking the lines and leading the various players to rethink their business models: smartgrids, energy storage, changing energy needs of countries, global warming, green energy.

In this challenging context, you must be ready to seize the opportunities available to you. Our teams specialize in the energy sector (oil and gas, renewable energy, other, ..), power & utilities, chemistry and the mining sector support you in the context of audit and advisory missions, whether to manage risks, optimize costs, introduce agility or support change on a human, technological or operational level .

KPMG member firms are available to assist you in all regions of the world: North America & Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe & Middle East, and Africa.

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