KPMG Monaco supports companies in the definition and implementation of their strategy.

KPMG Monaco supports companies in the definition and implementation of their strategy.

Our advice, your success

In an increasingly complex and uncertain world, KPMG Monaco helps you meet the challenges of your group or business in terms of growth, performance, risk management and governance.

Decision making and strategy definition are directly related to performance level and value creation.

At the operational level, we combine local teams and a global network of experts to develop technical solutions tailored to each situation and each sector specific.

Our teams also have unlimited access to our knowledge bases in many methodological, technological, regulatory and geographic areas to ensure they have the most advanced knowledge.

The variety of skills of KPMG Monaco is the result of our desire to offer a complete service to face the varied challenges facing companies.

PASSI certification and approval in Monaco

KPMG GLD & Associés Monaco holds the Information Systems Security Audit Service Provider (PASSI) qualification from the Monegasque Digital Security Agency (Agence Monégasque de Sécurité Numérique - AMSN).

  • PASSI approval in Monaco makes it possible in particular to certify the following points:
  • Guarantee of competence of auditors in charge of the audit
  • Guarantee of ethics, protection and confidentiality of data, reports and documents exchanged
  • Guarantee of an appropriate methodology for security audits
  • Recourse possible to the Monegasque Digital Security Agency (AMSN) if the service provided does not comply with the PASSI standard.

Information technology advisory

In an environment where growth operations must be both bold and secure, information systems are a fundamental element of business control.

  • Organizational and technical audit of the IT function ;
  • Application audit and SAP and Oracle integrated software packages ;
  • IT risk mapping and implementation of risk management processes ;
  • Development of IT internal control plan ;
  • Project audit and project management assistance ;
  • External and internal intrusion test on computer networks and configuration review of security equipment ;
  • Development of IT master plan ;
  • Development of a computer backup plan and business continuity plan.

Management Consulting

By a pragmatic approach, according to a methodology specific to your organization, support you in your strategy, identify, design and implement your levers of value creation.

  • Analyze and diagnose your environment, evaluate your organization, write your memoranda and carry out your business plans ;
  • Turn your organization and your processes towards the defined strategic objectives ;
  • Define and implement performance improvement and measurement tools (business, management, treasury, etc.) that will be designed according to a corporate consensus ;
  • Organize the accounting system and adapt your management information systems to feed these performance measurement systems ;
  • Mobilize your resources and support you in the change induced by your business project.

Social Support

We offer you the guarantee of a quality service in the management of your collaborators:

  • Expatriate pay processing, simulation of social costs in the framework of restructurings ;
  • Operational assistance when registering your subsidiaries, branches and / or representatives in Monaco with social insurance funds ;
  • Coordination with social organizations ;
  • Assistance in setting up electronic transfers of social declarations ;
  • Verification and treatment of payroll and payroll taxes ;
  • Advice and information regarding social benefits ;
  • Assistance during checks in the Principality of Monaco ;
  • Social compliance audit and development of questionnaires related to payroll processing and to HR departments ;

Audit and Internal Control

To enable risk management and the structuring of accounting methods:

  • Procedural audit ;
  • Due diligence ;
  • Risk management through internal control ;
  • Implementation of international accounting standards (IFRS ...).

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