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A bridge between the US and Europe

A bridge between the US and Europe

Why is Luxembourg the perfect hub for your investments?

  • It provides a uniquely effective hub through which to access the European market.
  • It has the second largest fund center worldwide, and is the biggest private banking center in the Eurozone.
  • It is well-established: nine of the top ten private equity houses and 14 of the top 15 real estate managers are established in Luxembourg.
  • It’s among the top five host economies for FDI inflows and outflows.
  • Out of the 40 wealthiest countries it’s ranked third in innovation-based competitiveness, and out of 38 OECD countries it’s number one in GDP contributed per hour worked (more details here).

KPMG US Desk – your gateway to our services

For almost two decades, KPMG Luxembourg has maintained a US Desk in New York to support and facilitate Luxembourg-US bilateral business opportunities in a time-efficient manner – for US businesses setting up in Luxembourg to access the EU market as well as Luxembourg businesses setting up in the US. With approximately 1,600 employees within our Luxembourg firm and offices established in nearly every major US and Canadian city, KPMG has built a market-leading position in delivering cross-border services between Luxembourg and North America.

KPMG works locally with public authorities and major business associations, which allows us to deliver services defined by real industry insight to US companies seeking access to Luxembourg and the larger European market, as well as help these companies expand operations or engage in external growth transactions.    

Our services

  • Tax services
  • Audit services
  • Mergers and acquisitions services
  • Accounting and domiciliation services
  • Regulatory consulting services

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