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A bridge between China and Europe

A bridge between China and Europe

Luxembourg - the location of choice for Chinese companies?

Luxembourg is…
…the European headquarter of major Chinese banks
…the No 2 for China outbound FDI flows in 2014 (Source: KPMG China Outlook 2016)
…a RMB clearing centre since September 2014
...and many others

KPMG China Desk can assist in particular Chinese companies expanding overseas and non-Chinese companies expanding in China. A dozen Chinese and non-Chinese professionals in the audit, tax and advisory functions form part of this China Desk. Their experience covers KPMG Luxembourg’s main lines of business. We help our clients in tax structuring, tax compliance, accounting, alternative investments, mergers and acquisitions and regulatory compliance to face the challenges of the future.
The KPMG Luxembourg China Desk forms part of the KPMG Global China Practice, a network of over 50 Local China Practices headquartered in China. This network provides essential market research and experience on Chinese related topics.

Our specific services for Chinese companies include:
Tax services
Regulatory Consulting services
Mergers & Acquisition services
Accounting & Domiciliation services

For any inquiries, please contact:

Jacques Bortuzzo
Co-Head of China Desk
Tel.: +352 22 51 51 5506

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