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Delivering a better audit experience drives us

With KPMG, you can expect an experience that’s better for your team, organizations and the capital markets. An experience that’s built for a world that demands agility and integrity. See patterns in what has passed. See where risks may emerge. See opportunities to optimize processes. And see ahead to new possibilities.

There’s a better way. KPMG.

We – KPMG member firm audit professionals – believe that independent auditors perform the valuable role of being a trusted intermediary between the providers of business information and the users of that information. In the wake of the economic crises and scandals of the past few years, we believe independent auditors are on the cusp of a transformative change. Stakeholders are demanding more transparency, and we are responding - changing how we operate, being proactive in listening to our stakeholders, and embracing Data & Analytics and new processes that are enabling us to make audit more relevant and continue to raise the bar on quality.

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