The world is becoming ever more complex, presenting new challenges for businesses when it comes to managing their workforces.

At KPMG, our People & Change team focuses on supporting clients in the following distinct areas: 

1. Learning Solutions

  • We offer face-to-face and virtual training courses. All courses are customised based on our client’s needs.
  • Our curriculum includes:
    • Personal effectiveness courses such as High Impact Presentation Skills, Time Management and Building Personal Resilience;
    • Leadership courses include Coaching Essentials, Managing Change and Leading for the First Time; and
    • Technical accounting standards training.

2. Human Resource (“HR”) transformation

  • We help create leading people functions by aligning HR strategies with the organisation’s vision and strategic priorities.
  • We offer support in designing and implementing appropriate HR organisational structures and governance.
  • We help leaders define the HR capabilities required for a competitive advantage in their organisations.
  • We help develop training programs according to an organisation’s needs.

3. Behavioural change management

  • Behavioural Change Management is an approach used to manage people and processes during periods of change to achieve intended business outcomes.
  • Support with designing and developing change programs which are aimed at building demand for change, generating improved business performance and mitigating risk.
  • We can support you through change by putting interventions in place to monitor and manage employee engagement and staff sentiment.

4. Talent management and succession planning 

  • We can work with you to help you design and develop talent management strategies which will attract, grow and retain talent.
  • Support with succession planning.
  • Support with the identification and development of high potential employees.
  • Support with the coaching of employees to enhance their performance.
  • We work with clients to understand the levels of employee engagement in their organizations. To do this we use the KPMG Employee Engagement Plus Index, this is an online diagnostic tool aimed at assisting clients in understanding what is driving employee engagement in their organizations, and armed with this knowledge, they can build targeted strategies to improve the engagement levels.

For more information about our People & Change services, contact our team today.