Corporate finance

Corporate finance

Our team of professionals in the Cayman Islands can help clients to address issues as well as take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Our team of professionals in the Cayman Islands can help clients to address issues.

If our clients intend to take advantage of lower prices on acquisitions, our transactions professionals can assist. From the initial assessment of the strategic value of an acquisition, financial due diligence and a valuation of the proposed target, to assisting with negotiations with the seller, our professionals can work with you to help you achieve the value that you seek from the deal. We work with organizations to execute transactions smoothly and help minimise risks.

Whatever our clients’ plans, having the appropriate capital strategies and funding structures in place and ensuring that they remain relevant as conditions change, is crucial. Our advisory professionals can assist with debt and equity structuring advice, assessment of alternative funding options and markets as well as assistance with the financing process including debt sizing, market selection, negotiation and documentation.Current market conditions are creating new and complex challenges for various markets. KPMG's Corporate Finance practice advises clients of every size. From large corporations, financial institutions and governments to medium-sized enterprises, we help to identify opportunities and execute all manner of public and private market transactions.


How we can help? 

In our role as financial advisor, we support clients through:

  • Business sales and disposals
  • Flotation and initial public offerings (IPOs)
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Private equity and management buy-outs (MBOs)
  • Project finance, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs)
  • Public company and take-over advice
  • Raising debt and equity financing
  • Valuations, fairness opinions and appraisals


Our resources 

Our Corporate Finance team in the Cayman Islands is backed by the resources of teams of professionals in 105 offices in 60 countries across the globe. A team of 2,300 professionals from other KPMG firms — including former investment bankers and senior government officials, along with lawyers, economists, business analysts and accountants.


Our experience 

From raising or restructuring capital, to buying or selling a business, to making strategic and policy decisions based on value, KPMG sees things from our client’s perspective. With in-depth knowledge and experience, our team of professionals can challenge conventional wisdom and employ creativity and skill in devising and executing a favorable solution. One of our key measures of success is the achievement of your goals.

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