Great Work Place

Great Work Place

We provide diverse benefits and welfare programs to create a happy workplace and life for our employees.

We provide diverse benefits and welfare programs to create a happy workplace ...

Beautiful Life in Samjong Program(BLSP)

Samjong KPMG supports our employees by operating a welfare benefits program.

Employees can use the company provided welfare benefits at their discretion, within the allotted amount, on purchases for self-development, travel, cultural activities, and medical checkups among others.


Major Benefits Program

Samjong KPMG has a differentiated Benefits program to encourage a happy workplace for our employees and their families through various Family Friendly programs. 

We actively run a program to encourage communications and camaraderie between employees from different departments providing meal support for get-togethers. We also provide employees the use of a ‘Limousine service’ on their special occasions such as on wedding days and parents’ birthdays.


Recreation Clubs

There are many recreation clubs which employees can participate in such as basketball, marathon, baseball, soccer, tennis, cycling, and trekking clubs among others to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle as well creating a chance to socialize with fellow employees.


Maternity Leave, Parental Leave and Annual Leave

Samjong KPMG guarantees maternity leave and childcare leave for female employees and encourages employees to use their annual leaves.


Family Day, Designated Off Day System

We have implemented a Family Day program to ensure employees spend more time with their families. We designate certain days as a day off to allow our employees to enjoy a longer holiday.


Nursing room

To support our female employees to balance work and childcare, Samjong KPMG operates a nursing room.


In addition, Samjong KPMG provides a wide range of health and welfare programs or benefits including medical insurance, free registration for marriage bureau enrollment for unmarried employees, free legal counsel and lawsuit support services, stipend for mobile phone bills, vehicle maintenance expenses for managers and above, financial support for family occasions, employee discounts with partner companies, among others.