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Month                                   Technical & Corporate Update PDF
June Technical Update: Tax on Income (ToI) Incentives for Expanded Qualified Investment Projects (EQIPs), Minimum Tax Exemption for Qualified Investment Projects        PDF
May Corporate Update: Measures to Reduce Requirements for the Use of Khmer Language in Accounting Records and Accounting Supporting Documents        PDF
May Corporate Update: New Government Incentives for Information and Broadcasting Sector Businesses        PDF
May Technical Update: GDT e-Administration Application and Tax Incentives for Education Sector        PDF
May Technical Update: (1) Public Lighting Tax (2) VAT Patent and (3) Salary Threshold        PDF
May  Corporate Update: Updated List of Prohibited and Restricted Goods        PDF
March  Corporate Update: MEF - Revision of Guidelines for Goods Identification and Inspection Procedures        PDF
February Technical Update: Incentives for Voluntary Amendment of Tax Declarations, Market Interest Rate Loans in 2023        PDF
Technical Update: (1) Exemptions, reliefs, delay, and suspension of tax(es) applicable to the real estate sector, (2) Incentives under the Double Taxation Agreement (DTA), (3) Procedures for online amendment of the monthly tax declaration        PDF
January Corporate Update: Contribution and Implementation Date of the Voluntary Contribution Health Care Social Security Scheme for Self-Employed and Dependents of NSSF Members          PDF
January Corporate Update: Labour–Renewal of Foreign Work Permits for the year 2024 and Provision of Foreign Work Permits to Foreign Employers         PDF
January Technical Update: Annual Tax, Accounting, Labor, and Regulatory Compliance Reminders         PDF
January Corporate Update: Ministry of Economy and Finance (MoEF) – Prakas No. 788 on the Procedure of Pre-Arrival Processing ("Prakas”)        PDF


Month                                      Technical & Corporate Update PDF
December Technical Update: Implementation of the Effective Date of Notification Letters or Other Notices by the GDT PDF
Corporate Update: Encouragement to Enterprises to Comply with their Accounting and Auditing Obligations       PDF
Technical Update: Tax Calculation for Locally Produced Non-Alcoholic Beverages        PDF
October Corporate Update: New Minimum Wage for the Textile, Garment, Footwear, Travel Goods and Bags Sectors for the Year 2024       PDF
October Technical Update: Public Lighting Tax, Advertisement Tax       PDF
Technical Update: Strengthening the Implementation of Procedures for the Use of Commercial Invoices       PDF
Corporate Update: Application for Foreign Manpower Quota for 2024       PDF
September Technical Update: Procedures for Requesting VAT Input Credits and VAT Refund       PDF
August Technical Update: Amendment of Specific Tax (ST) Rates on Locally Produced Non-alcoholic Beverages       PDF
August Technical Update: Implementation of VAT on the Imported Cigarettes        PDF
August Corporate Update: Sub Decree No. 139 ANK.BrK dated 26 June 2023 on the Implementation of the Law on Investmen       PDF
July Corporate Update: Customs Tariffs- Sub Decree on the adjustments of Customs Duty and Specific Tax Rates on Certain Goods       PDF
June Technical Update: Exemption of Immovable Property Tax in Kampong Speu, Kandal, and Kampot       PDF
June Technical Update: Law on Taxation 2023       PDF
April Technical Update: Additional Guidelines on the Implementation of Withholding Tax       PDF
March Technical Update: Procedures for financial fines for violation of Competition Law       PDF
February Technical Update: Amendment on the Implementation of VAT on E-commerce & Updated Procedures for Temporary Suspension or Resumption of Business Activities, and Measures on Suspension of VAT Certificate       PDF
January Technical Update: E-Documents Submission system is nolonger available for Monthly and Annual Tax on Income (ToI) Declarations       PDF
January Technical Update: Implementation on New Taxable Salary Thresholds       PDF
January Technical Update: Implementation of Advanced Tax onDividend Distribution       PDF
January Technical Update: 2022 and 2023 Annual Tax, Corporate,and Accounting Compliance Obligations       PDF


December Corporate Update: Extension of Deadline to Request the 2023 Foreign Manpower Quota (FMQ) PDF
October Technical Update: Use of Exchange Rates for Self-Assessment Regime Taxpayers        PDF
October Corporate Update: Application for Foreign Manpower Quota for 2023 PDF
September Technical Update: New annual taxable income and monthly taxable salary thresholds for individuals       PDF
August Technical Update: Royal Government’s Relief Measures to Support the Tourism Sector       PDF
July Technical Update: Enterprise Visit in Phnom Penh       PDF
July Corporate Update: Labour – Social Security Scheme on Pension for Persons under the Provisions of Cambodian Labour Law       PDF
July Corporate Update: Food Safety Law       PDF
July Corporate Update: Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (MLVT) and Ministry of Economy and Finance (MoEF) – Joint Prakas No. 165/22, dated 28 June 2022, on the Implementation of Social Security Scheme on Pension for Persons under the Provisions of Cambodian Labour Law       PDF
July Technical Update: Additional Guidelines for Implementation of VAT on Tangible Fixed Assets (FA)       PDF
June Technical Update: Supporting Documents for Interest on Loan Between Related Parties       PDF
June Technical Update: Use of Exchange Rates for Self-Assessment Regime Taxpayers       PDF
June Corporate Update: Obligation for enterprises to register a National Domain “.com.kh” and to use a National Domain email address when filing their Annual Declaration of Commercial Enterprise (ADCE)       PDF
June Corporate Update: Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (MLVT) – Notification No. 022/22 dated 27 May 2022 on Implementation of Online Self-Declared Labour Inspection       PDF
June Corporate Update: Announcement on permissible days-off for the Commune/Sangkat Council Election       PDF
May Technical Update: The Implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) Reverse Charge Mechanism under E-Filing       PDF
April Technical Update: Tax Incentives for Voluntary Tax Return Adjustment, Tax Incentives on the Securities Sector       PDF
April Corporate Update: Law on Amendment of the Law on Commercial Rules and Register       PDF
April Corporate Update: Law on the Amendment of the Law on Commercial Enterprise       PDF
April Corporate Update: Competition Law Enacted       PDF
April Corporate Update: Notice on Prevention of the Diversion of Regulated Chemicals for Illegal Use       PDF
February Technical Update: Royal Government’s Relief Measures to Support the Important Sectors       PDF
January Corporate Update: Amendment of Cambodian Labour Law in 2021       PDF
January Corporate Update: Reminder on the Circular on the use of language and currency in accounting records and financial statements       PDF


December Technical Update: Implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) on Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) Transactions PDF
December Coprorate Update: Implementation of Inspection of Imported New Vehicles for Safety Standards, Extension of Deadline to Request for Foreign Manpower Quota (FMQ) for the Year 2022 PDF
December Corporate Update: Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC) – Law on Investment No. NS/RKM/1021/014 dated 15 October 2021 (“LoI”) PDF
December Corporate Update: Minimum Wage (Prakas No. 264/21 dated 28 September 2021) PDF
October Technical Update: Tax on Salary (MEF Prakas no. 543 MEF.Prk, dated 8 September 2021) PDF
September Corporate Update: Environment - Prakas on procedure and implementation guidelines for the preparation of an initial environmental and social impact assessment for all kinds of construction PDF
September Corporate Update: NSW and LACMS government systems PDF
August Corporate Update: Commerce - Announcement on Authorisation to a Representative or an Agent for Business Registration  PDF
August Corporate Update: Commerce - Prakas on the Naming Convention of Legal Forms of Enterprises PDF
July Corporate Update: The Provision of E-Commerce Permit or License, Fines under the Competency of the Ministry of Commerce (MoC), and the New Public Service Fees under the MoC PDF
May Technical Update: Labor-Pension Schemes for Persons under the Provision of Labor Law PDF
April Technical Update: Implementation of VAT on Electronic Commerce PDF
April Technical Update: (a) Introduction of E-Documents Submission System (b) Extension of March Monthly Tax Return Declaration PDF
March Corporate Update: Labour- Extension to the Deadline for the Renewal of Foreign Work Permits for the year 2021 PDF
March Corporate Update: Resume seniority payment schedule for manufacturing sector PDF
February Corporate Update: Prakas 040-190121 - Procedure of Establishment and Operation of Rubber and Rubber Tree Industry PDF
February Technical Update: (a) 2020 Tax on Income declaration (b) Classification of Taxpayers Under the Self-Assessment Regime (c) Instruction to implement the Royal Government’s 7th round of tax relief PDF
January Technical Update: (a)Law on Financial Management for year 2021 (b)Agreement for the Avoidance of Double Taxation - Cambodia & Malaysia PDF
January Corporate Update: Labour - Extension of Deadline to Request for Foreign Manpower Quota (FMQ) for the year 2021 PDF



December Technical Update: Cessation of E-VAT Refund System PDF
October Technical Update: Delay of Capital Gains Tax PDF
October Corporate Update: (1) Labor – New Corporate Bank with the NSSF for Contribution Payment Method; (2) Construction - Application for a Certificate of Occupancy for Constructed Buildings PDF
October Corporate Update: Commerce - Name Reservation of Company or Enterprise & Granting E-Commerce Licence or Permit to Intermediaries and E-Commerce Service Providers and Exemptions PDF
September Corporate Update: Instruction on company merger, company or share acquisition or creating security rights defined in permits, certificates or licenses and updating the information of telecommunications operators’ management (focal person). PDF
September Technical Update: Delay of E Filing Implementation PDF
September Corporate Uppdate: (1) Labor - Regulations on Minimum Wage for Workers in the Textile, Garment and Footwear Sector for 2021; (2) Royal Code (Kram) - Law on anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism PDF
September Corporate Update: Health - Revision of Entry Requirements for Foreign Travelers to Cambodia PDF
September Technical Update: Capital Gains Tax PDF
August Technical Update: Tax registration and update of taxpayer's information PDF
August Corporate Update: Health - Temporary suspension of flights from Malaysia and Indonesia from 1 August 2020 PDF
July Corporate Update: (1) Labor - Holidays on 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 August 2020 to Compensate for the Khmer New Year Holidays; (2) Labor - Inter-ministerial inspections for the tourism industry PDF
July Technical Update: (1) Application to Obtain Certificate of Tax Incentives for SME; (2) Withholding Tax (WHT) on Interest for Loan  PDF
July Corporate Update: Entry requirements and quarantine measures in response to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic PDF
July Corporate Update: Implementation of additional measures of the Royal Government for the exemption of the fees for the renewal of all types of tourism licenses for the year 2021 PDF
June Corporate Update: Schedule of Minimum Wage negotiations in the textile, garment and footwear sector for the year 2021 PDF
June Corporate Update: Business registration via information technology system PDF
June Technical Update: VAT on Long-Term Tangible Asset Sales PDF
June Technical Update: Delay of E-Filing PDF
June Corporate Update: (1) Royal Code (Kram) – State of Emergency Law; (2) Health – Translation into the Khmer language of all packages and labels of food products PDF
June Corporate Update: Labor – Notification on the postponement of back pay of seniority payment before the year 2019 and the new seniority payment in the year 2020 PDF
June Technical Update: Further government Tax reliefs PDF
May Corporate Update: (1) Labor – Inspections for the manufacturing sector; (2) Tourism – Additional measures for the tourism sector; (3) Labor – Suspension of employment contracts and NSSF contribution payment for garment and tourism sectors ; (4) NSSF – Contribution Payments for Educational Institutions PDF
May Technical Update: WHT incentives for securities investors PDF
May Corporate Update: Travel and Immigration – (1) Travel Ban into Cambodia for Foreigners; (2)FPCS system for Visa Extensions and Trade and Customs – (1) Export of Masks; (2) Update of Certificate of Origin Form PDF
April Technical Update: Seniority Indemnity and FBT on loan to employees PDF
April Technical Update: Additional government Tax relief measures PDF
April Technical Update: (1) Labor- how to calculate the seniority payment for permanent workers or employees who have performed work from one (1) to six (6) months in each semester; (2) Labor- how to calculate employment seniority in order to determine the prior notice periods for the employment contract termination if employment contracts have been converted from Fixed Duration Contracts (“FDCs”) to Undetermined Duration Contracts (“UDCs”); (3) Labor- the calculation of proportional annual leave for employees or workers who perform work less than twenty-one (21) days per month PDF
April Corporate Update: Customs – List of Prohibited and Restricted Goods, Commerce - Amendment to Public Service Fees of the Ministry of Commerce (MoC) PDF
April Technical Update: Labor – Identification of Labor Contractors (Sub-Contractors) PDF
April Technical Update: Labor – Waiver of Financial Penalties for the Renewal of Foreigner Work Permits for the Year 2020 until further notice PDF
April Technical Update: Labor – Notification on the Postponement of the Khmer New Year Holidays for the year 2020 PDF
April Technical Update: Tourism - Tourism Licenses for Tour Operators, Travel Agents and Branches PDF
March Technical Update: Labor – URGENT Requirements for Updating Contact Phone Numbers of Employees/Workers PDF
March Technical Update: Labor – Instruction on the Implementation of Compensatory Special Leave PDF
March Technical Update: Intellectual Property – Recordal of Mark License Agreement and Franchise Agreement PDF
March Technical Update: Investment – Implementation of Cambodian National Single Window (CNSW) Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC) – Notification No. 481/20 dated 7 February 2020 on the implementation of the CNSW for Master List applications PDF
March Technical Update: Measures to Support the Tourism and Garment Sectors and to Improve the Economy; and VAT state-charge for Basic Daily Food PDF
February Corporate Update: Environment – Classification of Environmental Impact Assessments for development projects PDF
February Technical Update: Prakas No. 159 Prk on Instruction on Tax Incentives for SMEs in the Priority Sector and Sub-Decree No. 09 SD.Prk on Threshold of Annual Taxable Income and Threshold of Monthly Taxable Salary PDF
February Technical Update: Prakas No. 098 MEF Prk. dated 29 January 2020 on Tax on Income PDF
February Technical Update: Notification No. 3218 GDT on Implementation of the Prakas No.723 Prk. on the Rule for Use of Invoices and Instruction No. 3033 on Registration for SBAA and NGO PDF
January Corporate Update: Construction – Occupancy Certificates for Constructions built prior to the Construction Law PDF
January Technical Update: Amend Basis for Specific Tax on Certain Merchandise for Locally Produced Goods PDF
January Technial Update: The Law on Financial Management for year 2020 and The use of exchange rate following Instruction 27617 PDF


November Corporate Update(Vol.1): New Minimum Wage for Textile, Garment and Foodwear Sectors for the year 2020 PDF
November Corporate Update (Vol.3): Law on Social Security Schemes PDF
September Corporate Update: Finance and Banking - Public Statement on Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) PDF
August Corporate Update: Implementation of National Single Window system and live implementation of ASEAN PDF
June Corporate Update: Duration of Fixed Duration Contract and Probationary Period PDF
May Corporate Update(Vol.3): Monthly production Report to the Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts and Licensing of GDP PDF
May Corporate Update(Vol.2): Provision of some labor compliance services under the Sub-National Administration and Update on Back Pay of Seniority Payment PDF
May Corporate Update(Vol.1): Investment and Trade - Reforms announced at the 18th Government-Private Sector Forum (G-PSF) and Investment - Investment Incentives for Expansion of QIP PDF


April Tax and Corporate Update: New Public Holiday on the 20th of May, Extension of deadline to renew foreign work permit until 30 April 2018 PDF
February Tax and Corporate Update: New directions for 2018 from the Department of Business Registration (DBR) of the Ministry of Commerce (MoC) and Adjustments to customs and excise rates PDF
January Tax and Corporate Update: Public service fees of the Ministry of Commerce (MoC) for the year 2018 PDF


August Technical Update: Tax and Corporate Services PDF


October Technical Update: New Minimum Wage for Textile, Garment and Footwear Manufacturing Sectors for the year 2017 PDF

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