After many years of changes in tax laws and regulations or changes in your Business activities or internal policies and procedures, you may wish to review your organization’s tax compliance position to make sure your organization is complying with filing and documentation requirements. Where weaknesses or
non-compliance are identified, you may then take steps to remedy the situation and mitigate and minimize tax risk.

Why is tax health check important?

  • Has the Tax Authority conducted any tax audit on your company recently?
  •  Are there any periods that have not been subject to a tax audit yet?
  •  Do you prepare and lodge your own tax returns without professional consultants?
  • Are you confident your company is complying with documentation requirements set out by the relevant authorities?
  • Has your company’s tax-exemption period just expired?
  • Has your company undergone a restructuring, expansion of business activities, or increase in capital investment?

We believe that if you answer yes to any one of the above questions, your organization will benefit from our tax health check service.

KPMG’s tax health check service will assist your company in several ways (i.e. preparing and/or reviewing your records and documentation, your current tax declarations and compliance status and provide you with a much clearer picture of your position, guidelines to fixing non-compliance issues, and recommendations on improving internal controls and processes). 


KPMG brings a wealth of experience to the table

KPMG is well placed to provide you with a tax health check.

  • We help to identify tax non-compliance issues and risks, and recommend policies and procedures for improvement and managing risk.
  • We can provide input based on our research into relevant tax laws, regulations, and tax precedents and advise your team on the technical details and identify potential tax saving opportunities.
  • We help improve your staff’s awareness of tax compliance requirements in Cambodia and can advise your team on the necessary technical arguments and supporting documents for specific tax issues.

How can we help?

KPMG can help you meet these challenges and offers several services to help build organizational confidence and assure stakeholders that risks are being addressed.

KPMG’s tax health check service covers all ranges of taxes relevant to the company, including monthly and annual, registration and update of information as required to comply by any company operating business in Cambodia.

Our approach includes:-

  • Understanding your business operations and inherent tax matters;  
  • Interviewing staff and management to understand tax compliance policies, internal
    controls, and current concerns;
  • Reviewing tax returns submitted to the authorities and ensuring supporting documentation is complete and correct;
  • Identifying non-compliance issues and provide a quantitative and qualitative analysis and recommendations on how to rectify all identified issues;
  • Researching relevant tax laws, regulations, and tax precedents and advising your team on the technical details;
  • Providing you with advice on documentation requirements, amendment procedures on current identified issues, and improvements you may consider on      internal controls and processes;
  • Issuing a comprehensive advice covering the current tax compliance position, potential tax risks and exposure, and recommendations on all identified issues.

KPMG’s Tax team simplifies this process for you. We have the extensive knowledge and experience to help you reach your goals. We believe our approach to ensure quality service and meeting your expectations.

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Knowledge and skills matter when facing a tax review. KPMG has both.

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