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Why is International Tax Advisory important?

Wherever organizations operate in the world, changes in domestic and international tax laws and regulations will affect your company and how it operates.

Investors seek more profits and less risk. Regulators, and authorities demand higher standard of compliance.

Global corporate tax costs can be excessive and place a burden on profits and capital.

Vietnam business environment is now increasingly regulated, notably is the recent local tax reforms in alignment with Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) actions recommended by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Effective tax advice and planning that is tailored to its businesses can help multinational organizations adapt to all of the environments in which they operate, respond quickly to changes, mitigate risks and gain a competitive edge.



  • We have a network of international tax professionals worldwide with deep technical knowledge and practical experience.
  • We are dedicated to proactive, results-focused tax strategies and are passionate about helping companies manage their tax risk, reputation, and compliance.
  • We understand the complexities of multiple tax systems around the world, and we know how to act upon to benefit companies.
  • We provide a complete and multi-disciplined perspective to any tax challenge.


How can we help?

We listen to you, and understand your goals. We work closely with you, and help you seize tax opportunities and avoid pitfalls. We provide advice on cross-border tax matters, ensuring your global corporate tax issues are well-managed, promoting efficient and sustainable tax structure.

Our fundamental service offerings include:

  • Acquisition and/or divestment: identifying tax implications of the acquisition and/or divestment, and recommendations on tax-efficient opportunities
  • Post-acquisition integration and restructuring: helping reconcile/integrate company’s own tax positions and those of the acquired businesses, and explore the synergies benefits
  • Cross-border transactions: advising on tax implications of cross-border transactions/arrangement, modeling its tax effects, and recommending tax-efficient opportunities
  • Global business model and/or re-organization: advising on rounded perspective on global business model, addressing corporate tax, indirect tax, and transfer pricing so that overall tax considerations are effectively managed 

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