Our Mergers and Acquisitions Tax team are involved in providing tax advisory services in connection with corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, advising on tax-efficient investment structures and conducting tax due diligence.

Why is Mergers and Acquisitions tax advice important?

Companies with global ambitions cannot afford to ignore the opportunities for profitable growth offered by mergers, acquisitions and disposals. However, if these transactions are to create real value, it is important that the tax implications of each deal are dealt with from the outset. This is especially important in cross-border deals, where differing regulations and business cultures need to be reconciled in order to reveal the risks and opportunities of a transaction.


Being part of a global Mergers and Acquisitions Tax network, our clients have access to dedicated tax professionals who specialise in understanding how tax affects transactions across the world. Our team are commercially minded, they know how to identify and advise on the material tax exposures in a transaction and to develop deal structures that appropriately address the tax implications. Working on transactions day-by-day we understand the mechanics of acquisitions and disposals in a competitive environment.

Professionals from across our global network keep in regular contact with each other, with you and with the tax authorities. We, therefore, understand the practical impact of tax developments from one country to the next. We can spot opportunities and we know how to act on them to benefit you and your stakeholders.

 How can we help?

Our Mergers and Acquisitions tax services include:

  • Tax due diligence
  • Structuring an acquisition or disposition
  • Tax modelling
  • Vendor assistance
  • Post-deal integration.

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