Financial due diligence

Examine the fundamentals of the potential transaction, test the investment thesis, and provide a deep analysis of the critical areas that will enhance value. Identify adjustments to earnings, historical performance, benchmarking, forecast assumptions, the rights, and obligations that will be inherited through the balance sheet.

Accounting Advisory due diligence

Gap analysis between CAS and IFRS and assess impact of different accounting GAAP on the acquirer’s company’s financial statements.  Advise on IFRS conversion and provide IFRS training.

Tax due diligence

Review, identify, and assess non-compliance and historical tax exposures of the business. Our highly experienced M&A tax team can also help our clients take advantage of transaction opportunities, creating tax efficiencies including advising on tax efficient investment structures, M&A, and corporate restructuring.

Commercial due diligence

Analysis of target’s market environment, competitive positioning, and impact on the target’s business plan. Evaluate market attractiveness, risks, growth potential, and sense check business assumptions.

Legal due diligence

Identify compliance gaps in the vendor’s business with a keen focus on developing solutions and recommendations to address the same via various mechanisms, such as

restructuring to minimize historical liabilities, price adjustment or completion accounts, clearly thought out and on-point conditions precedents or conditions subsequent to remedy identified issues or putting in place other contractual arrangements to shift risk.

Operational due diligence

Analyze historical, current operating performance, and processes; evaluate potential capital expenditure requirements. Identify operating bottlenecks and potential synergies.

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