Nge Huy

Senior Partner and Head of Audit

KPMG Cambodia Ltd


Huy is an Audit Partner at KPMG. He has over 20 years of audit experience including a year working in Malaysia. He is member of the governing council of Kampuchea Institute Certified Public Accountants and Auditors (KICPAA) and also the member of the Governing Council of the Cambodian National Accounting Council.

Huy as leader in audit engagement team. His role as the engagement quality control reviewing partner will be to ensure that the financial statements covered in our audit report are in conformity with the relevant financial reporting framework in all material respects and the audit is conducted in accordance with relevant auditing standards.

Huy has assisted a wide range of clients across numerous sectors: Private Business, retails, construction, manufacturing, banking, microfinance, hospitality, non-profit organisation and funding agencies.

Huy has also conducted various other assurance and special work.  He is also involved in internal training courses to help others benefit from his experience.