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Challenges of tax/finance function

  • Manual Form 26AS reconciliation with books of accounts is time consuming
  • Lack of comfort on the reconciliation result for voluminous data sets (error prone)
  • Lack of visibility on overall TDS and TCS credits.

How our tech enabled managed services addressed the challenges?

  • Automated reconciliation of voluminous transactions through use of our in-house technology tool
    • Auto data validation rules integrated to check single PAN against multiple parties and vice versa, PAN-TAN / TAN-TAN mapping features, inbuilt fuzzy logic to match names of parties etc.
    • Multiple parameters to reconcile data – e.g., match including GST amount, one to many transactions, many to one transactions
  • Leveraged experience of our tax professionals and center of excellence team (COE) for scrutinising mismatches and possible actions required
  • Provided comprehensive report with analytical dashboards giving overview of TDS and TCS credits available and potential leakages

The end-to-end process was managed by us.


  • Increased accuracy (more than 90 per cent reconciliation achieved) through technology enabled Form 26AS reconciliation service
  • Highlighted TDS of INR 1.5 Cr+ as excess tax deducted by parties on GST value on which TDS should not have been done
  • Significant reduction in time/effort spent by client team on reconciliation process with enhanced digital governance.

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