Is training delivered by KPMG employees or external consultants?

The training is delivered by senior KPMG employees who hold consulting experience across sectors and industries. All instructors undergo in depth concept understanding and are observed by our panel and then allowed to conduct training.

Who issues the training certificate and what is the validity of the certificate?

On successful completion of the training, certificate will be issued by KPMG in India to the participants. KPMG India’s Lean Six Sigma training offering is a global offering and is recognised across the globe. The certificate comes with a lifetime validity.

Is there an eligibility criteria to attend the course?

There is no such eligibility criteria for the programme. Only thing preferred is that you should have basic and fundamental knowledge of statistics. Participants from across services and industries have participated in the past.

Are case studies shared during the training? Is there any pre‐reading required?

The training is conducted in an adaptive manner. Our instructors dive into detail of various concepts, history, its applicability, jargons and more on the first day of the training to set the base. Thereafter in depth detail of how the methodology can be applied in wide varieties of domains and industries, primarily talking about DMAIC cycle is shared.

On the first day, audience is divided into mini groups to undertake virtual scenario based projects and solve the same in alignment to the DMAIC topics being taught during the 4-day session. By end of the training you have a virtual solution to your virtual based case study. The training caters to global audience and is thus very well paced and interactive, a lot of industry based case studies, and examples are shared in a 2‐way interaction.

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