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KPMG in India’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification programme is a 8-day, 56 hours live virtual programme. It is delivered by our senior professionals who provide an experiential learning process with references from various sectors.

The training is spread across two phases, 4 days per phase with an in-between gap of 3-4 weeks to adopt concepts and practice better. It provides thorough understanding on Lean Six Sigma concepts in a heterogeneous setup and gives an in-depth understanding of statistical tools and techniques for effective fact based decision making.

The programme enables individuals to drive large transformation projects independently, mentor team members, strategise organisational growth aligned to process capability and much more.

The two phases cover:

Phase 1:

Focuses on depth of interpretations drawn from analysis for correct project and Critical to Quality (CTQ) identification, establishment of correct data collection mechanism with validation being focus of discussions. Sessions are held to discuss past challenges faced by participants on how to capture effective data. Data distributions, techniques of data validation are thoroughly explained in detail.

Phase 2:

Focuses on debating practical aspects of statistical tool usage. More sessions are held on statistical tools required for critical business decision making (feeder to analytics/BI capabilities) and demonstrations of business impact for each action implementation. Participants are encouraged to brainstorm using virtual/live scenarios while diverse cases are given as part of classroom exercises.

Potential benefits of the programme

  • Drive large improvement projects
  • Deliver projects with quantifiable results
  • Align project outcomes with business objectives
  • Manage critical outcome driven milestones
  • Be subject authority in improvement project identification, foundation and implementation
  • Validate CTQ’s, data, results of analysis for business benefit
  • Coach teams on project management
  • Establish strong future sustenance plans
  • Coach Green belts 
  • Get in-depth understanding of advanced statistical tools
  • Build a data driven approach to solve problems
  • Competency development and career enhancement
  • Enhance your project management techniques

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Feedback from participants:  

“KPMG in India’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Programme helped boost my career. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is aiming at career enhancement. Great course content, instructor was highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic, the classes were interactive and interesting. In-depth statistical tool sessions were held, brainstorming and live project examples were shared. Over all, I am highly satisfied with the programme.” – Senior professional from manufacturing industry
“I had recently attended the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt programme and I would like to mention it was a great experience. The instructor was well-versed with Lean Six Sigma methodologies and very clearly explained us the same, was keen on resolving all our doubts. A great learning environment was provided and the course structure was well spread across two phases. The programme has helped me perform better at work and I would recommend the programme.” – Senior professional from IT industry


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