Virtual classroom

Delivery format

8 days

Course duration 

54 hours

Learning hours

August 2024

Upcoming batch start date

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Pooja Mittal
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About Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification Programme

KPMG in India’s Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification programme is a 8-day, 54 hours live virtual programme. It is delivered by our senior professionals who provide an experiential learning process with references from various sectors.

The training is spread across two phases, 4 days per phase with an in-between gap of 3-4 weeks to adopt concepts and practice better. It provides thorough understanding on various concepts of leadership, change management, innovation, process automation, data visualisation and advanced Lean Six Sigma Statistics in a heterogeneous setup.

The Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt programme grooms’ individuals for leadership role, enabling them to become strategists, for driving organisational transformation. The programme raises the competency of Black Belts from being just statistical experts to that of Change Management Champions who can teach, mentor and guide organisations in using Lean Six Sigma as a strategic tool for achieving organisational excellence.

The two phases cover

Phase 1

Focuses on developing leadership skills, strategic thinking, conflict management, principles of business excellence, change management, dealing with resistance, establishing the framework for improvement and innovation, generating business value of organisation excellence and advanced statistical approaches such as non- parametric analysis, QFD, DFMEA, IDOV, DMADV, TOC and more. Sessions are held to discuss real life challenges faced by participants and guidance is provided on how to practically overcome these challenges.

Phase 2

Focuses on debating practical aspects of statistical tool usage. More sessions are held on innovation and creativity tools such as Design Thinking, Jugaad, Six Thinking Hats, SCAMPER and more. Concepts of process automation, data visualisation and BI Tools are discussed and the practical applications of these concepts to various business scenarios across multiple sectors are explained. Participants are encouraged to brainstorm using virtual/live scenarios while diverse cases are given as part of classroom exercises.

Potential benefits of the programme

  • Opens doors for senior management role in organisational excellence
  • Gain leadership acumen to drive organisational transformation
  • Be the change management leader and implement strategies for creating a culture of excellence
  • Be enabled to recognize opportunities for implementing digitisation, automation and robotics applications for improved organisational performance
  • Develop the ability to establish clear linkage between Lean Six Sigma outcomes and strategic objectives
  • Understand the key strategies that will enable an organisation to emerge as a leader of the ecosystem in which it operates
  • Develop the ability to create a comprehensive and structured infrastructure for managing improvement, innovation and transformation
  • Competency development and career enhancement in the domain of Business Excellence
  • Coach teams on project management, intergroup coordination, as well as manage critical outcome driven milestones
  • Share experiences and learn from industry leaders in a heterogeneous environment
  • Be subject authority in planning and executing strategic initiatives on Business Excellence

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