Housing strategies

We have extensive experience in the preparation of Housing Strategies for Local Authorities (both urban and rural) and are among the very few consultancies in the country who can offer this level of both planning and modelling expertise.

We are the first consultancy to have delivered a housing strategy under the new National Planning Framework and Ireland 2040 programme; which has heightened the evidentiary requirements informing the projections of future housing needs in planning (namely that of broadening the form and type of analysis required to capture all manner of tenure, composition, affordability and specialist needs).

We have led the industry in this respect, producing the first Housing Need and Demand Framework (HNDA); which has been applied successfully in ten local authorities to date. This has greatly benefited the wealth of knowledge we can leverage for producing residential demand assessments for the private sector.

Retail strategies

A Retail Strategy for a Local Authority must produce an evidence base that can support retail impact assessment, catchment analysis, the identification of residual demand for future floorspace and sufficient data to guide decision making in planning policy, consistent with the approach of the Retail Planning Guidelines.

Over many years of delivering exactly this form of output, we have developed a trusted reputation for excellence in producing such strategies. This is partly because of our acute ability to assess the wider implications of economic and retailing activity for a town, a city, a county or region, but also to contextualise the planning policy justification for addressing future needs and revitalising existing challenges.

We have carefully honed this expertise to support both public and private retail impact assessments, of all scales.

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