Urban regeneration has always been a fundamental part of the planning and development sector, however, in recent years a greater emphasis has been placed on place-making with initiatives tailored towards making our cities and towns better places to live and to visit.

We understand the necessity and importance of urban regeneration as a means of contributing towards sustainable development. Our team of experts can provide clients with wide-ranging knowledge of this field, to help deliver transformative projects.

KPMG Future Analytics have amassed extensive experience around urban regeneration, having worked with an array of clients and local communities throughout Ireland to deliver regeneration projects of various scales

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We have undertaken a range of strategies and policies to inform and guide debate on place-making. This includes ‘Rejuvenating Irish Small Town Centres – a call to action’ prepared for the SCSI in 2018, for which we received recognition at the IPI’s 2020 National Planning Awards. This report highlighted the need for Irish towns to focus on collaboration, liveability, sustainability, connectivity and ultimately an intergenerational approach to design and planning.

We have undertaken projects for many towns in Ireland including towns and villages in Wicklow, Westmeath, Clare, Carlow, Kilkenny and Cork. In many of these we worked with local authorities, business community and resident community to develop an inclusive town team to drive change. Our analysis is under-pinned by in-depth socio-economic research. 

We are expert communicators and understand that understanding the views of communities and key stakeholders is essential to inform plans and strategies. We have worked with communities to form town teams to revitalise towns and villages. In this challenging time, we understand the challenge of restrictions on consultation. To address this and to ensure engagement can continue to inform our work we have developed an innovative online Virtual Consultation Platform. 

On behalf of a range of public and private sector clients we have prepared funding applications targeted towards Urban Regeneration Development Fund (URDF), Rural Regeneration Fund (RRDF), Platforms for Growth, and Destination Towns. We have had some notable successes and have several waiting on decisions.

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