The application of data-driven methodologies throughout the development life-cycle allows a rich understanding of the socio-economic processes that influence how settlements, infrastructure corridors and regions are shaped. This facilitates smarter decision making and positively influences forward planning and patterns of future growth and change.

Our services

Socio-economic studies

We assess the baseline conditions of the site and local area with respect to the resident and working populations. This includes consideration of current uses and any activity that will be displaced by planned developments, as well as reviewing the socio-economic characteristics of the surrounding area in order to understand the impact that the development will have.

Cost benefit analysis

We deliver comprehensive and robust analytic approaches to understanding and estimating the economic and fiscal benefits of private and public projects and plans.

Economic impact analysis

KPMG Future Analytics deliver rounded economic impact assessments of organisations, sectors, projects, policies and economic shocks. We use government-recognised techniques to capture direct, indirect supply chain and induced effects. We also provide tailored assessments of productivity benefits, tax contributions, wellbeing and environmental improvements.

Property market analysis

We provide succinct analyses to establish the market baseline and to spot any change in the market trend. This can relate to aspects of demand, affordability or unit size requirements in the housing sector, or to customers (type, preference, age, disposable income) in the retail sector.

Systematic monitoring of property market is crucial for high value investment and long-term planning.

Quantitative analytics

We offer a full suite of economic forecasting, scenario planning and modelling experience. Our in-house team operates a macro and sectoral model of the all-island economy using established macro-economic models, which gives us the framework for incorporating forecasting and scenario modelling into client assignments.

We collate and interrogate diverse data sources to analyse, model and visualise data in a clear and comprehensible way.

Modelling and forecasting

We provide data modelling and forecasting services across a number of subject-areas; from demographic assessment, household expenditure assessment, tourist volumes, traffic flow analysis, modal share, retail impacts, residential requirements, future needs in health, transport, water and schools.

Our modelling and forecasting capabilities are predicated on the application of good data and informed scenario-led methods. In qualifying future changes, or the impact of new developments, transport networks or even social changes, we look across a broad spectrum of data inputs (undertaking principal survey assessment were valuable), to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

We are accustomed to designing bespoke methodologies to enable this and to model for as close to real-world events and what-if situations as possible.

Graphic design

We are passionate about data and take pride in translating complex information into understandable and persuasive visual formats. Our in-house graphic design capabilities deliver a range of services from logo design, to print reports, to websites and analytical platforms for businesses. 

Demographic projection

A fundamental component to many of our services rests with our trusted ability to develop insights on demographic change, over time and by place.

Unique among other consultancies in this regard, we have developed an evidence base to allow for highly granular forms of assessment (by age, gender, location).

This evidence base is supported by our projection methodology, which follows best international practice, and is the same process as employed by statistical agencies the world over to provide flexible, scenario-led assessment of reckonable changes to fertility, mortality and migration.

The power of demographic projection, supported by a firm data-led foundation, allows us to greatly enhance the quantitative weight of our assessment of planning policy and our predictive analytics across residential, commercial, health, transport and environmental domains are strengthened by it.

Data visualisation

The visualisation of data and mapped information in digital or print formats help to communicate proposal to technical information to non-technical audiences. Our visualisation services can help you identify trends, comparison and performance towards goals and objectives, and spot any outliers.

Visuals alone can create conversations. Powerful, interactive, and collaborative visuals can drive organisational focus and direction.

Web-based data platforms

We build custom analytics and reporting solutions using industry leading technologies. Our goal is to help our customers maximise the value of their data with custom dashboards and reports.

We work closely with our customers to identify and leverage meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and find solutions to their business problems.

Whether it is upgrading your excel reports or an established analytics environment, we can help support you on any step in your data visualisation journey. 

Performance dashboards

We use performance dashboards to empower client interaction with KPI metrics. These metrics provide a transparent means of assessing current and future progress against a measurable set of objectives supported by relevant data point.

Our platforms leverage a wide range of publicly available data sources (spatial/non-spatial), other public sources that requires what is termed ‘scraping’ information, but also provides access to a collection of private sources of data or sources which have been generated by us internally (e.g population / housing projection models etc). 

Additionally, we also enable our clients to convert their own internal spreadsheet type data, written reporting and data into spatial databases to store, manage, and visually explore their data within the platform.

Insights and intelligence

We have significant experience in demographic research and ‘future-proofing’ research through defensible projection and forecasting techniques. We translate economic and socio-economic scenario modelling into tangible impact analysis. We apply an evidence-based approach to confirm the optimal next step.

Drone survey

We can provide a professional and high-quality aerial surveys, photography and videography. We cater to industries like agriculture, construction, developers & real estate, tourism, inspection.

Our drone services are but not limited to – aerial photography and videography, site assessment and feasibility, mapping and surveying, corridor assessment, tourism and community consultations, asset inspection.

We have in-house drone pilots who have worked on various types and scale projects including densely populated and highly sensitive areas with utmost safety.

Decision support platforms

Our decision support platforms are cloud-based web tools that serves as a dynamic up-to-date data layers in a map-based environment.

Designed specifically for the planning and development sector, these tools offer insights across the full range of the planning and development life cycle, from initial strategic analysis, site assessment, socio-economic analysis and feasibility, through scheme design and the planning application process, to compliance and project management.

Platform users can drill-down to respective study areas spatially and at that point layer in the relevant datasets to query specific question or query.

Self-service analytics

Presenting the results of studies in a dynamic web environment transforms static information into a real-time decision support tool, offering a more visual way of communicating final insights with interactive and dynamic infographics.

Our web-based tools can be used by clients to answer their own research questions as and when they arise. For example, the need to understand the location and change of population over the next 10 years in Ireland? Will it increase or decline and by how much?

Users can quickly create future scenarios and explore growth options at every scale: site, corridor, district, city, or region.

Virtual consultation platforms

Our Virtual Consultation Space is informed by our expertise in community and stakeholder engagement coordination for Development Projects and Local Authority Strategies.

As it is not always possible to meet face-to-face, KPMG Future Analytics can furnish you with a dynamic, interactive solution whereby you can hear the views and perspectives of interested, diverse parties, and conveniently, all in one place.

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