Industrial Manufacturing

At a time when our economy is recovering and showing slow yet a steady growth trend, the Greek industrial manufacturing sector is attempting to recover from the impact of the pandemic and return to growth but still facing fundamental growth challenges. The future of the sector depends on businesses that are willing to embrace and adapt to both sustainable growth and digital challenges. Market data has shown that the industrial manufacturing sector needs to transform existing business models, work environments, values, processes and technologies, in order to remain competitive and thrive in a constantly changing world, while at the same time maintaining its value. Some of the changes we observe in this industry include the following: risk reduction and balancing supply chains, new customer experience, cyber security strategy, new environmental regulations, growth strategy, challenges in the metal manufacturing industry and industry 4.0. The need for these transformations drives entrepreneurs to make radical changes and embrace innovation quickly and effectively.

At KPMG in Greece we follow market developments, technological innovations, the current needs of enterprises and we can help you proactively adapt to the new reality. We offer solutions mainly related to all industry 4.0 dimensions and preparation for the “Green” agenda. These solutions will unlock great value to manufacturers within the industrial manufacturing sector.


The construction industry has always propelled the growth of economies and has been a driving force in Greece regarding growth prospects. This is not only the case in Greece, but also internationally. Undoubtedly, the pandemic has affected the construction market due to construction cost increases, delays in the execution of projects, the undertaking of new ones, as well as an overall inability to plan. However, there are signs of strong recovery that signal an optimism in the construction market. The future of the sector depends on whether it will adapt timely to the new reality. To do so, companies need to embrace innovations including new technologies, digital transformation and the green rational model of development. Will construction companies be able to adapt in an environment characterized by constant change and successfully execute projects whilst simultaneously enhancing efficiency?

KPMG helps organizations within the construction sector to achieve desired results, either for society or for the business itself, or both, as effectively as possible. KPMG constantly monitors, remains on top of the latest developments and as a result can offer solutions through the adoption of innovative technologies. Specifically, KPMG specialists assist in the restructuring of operations for greater cost reduction, the identification and assessment of risks and the design of new technologies as well as digital tools. These are solutions that will meet the needs of construction companies and will lead to high value in the construction industry.