Shipping, ports and logistics entities have been operating in an increasingly challenging economic environment, characterized by volatility, increasing regulation, environmental concerns, piracy and geopolitical risks, among others. All these factors have contributed to a challenging business environment that puts even seasoned executives to the test.

A competent business advisor is the one that identifies, has knowledge on and focuses on the intricacies and complications that the shipping and shipping related industries face.

Our dedicated people have the knowledge, understanding and experience of maritime issues to provide a wide range of services to help our clients reach their objective. 

KPMG enjoys a reputable and rapidly expanding presence in the maritime industry and is deeply committed to one of Greece’s most important sectors. 

Statement by Ioannis Bravos

“Nothing is as important as passion and we are passionate about shipping and about growing our footprint in this exciting industry. That is why more and more shipping organizations are choosing to work with KPMG and we are becoming the clear choice in the provision of professional services to the sector.”