Financial services are leading the changes that technology and digital transposing the landscape in the way financial institutions interact with customers and regulators. Traditional business models are changing and with the increase regulation in the sector we believe that insights, trust, growth and delivering value are paramount. 

KPMG continues to offer quality services from a global, multi-disciplinary team of professionals that understand what it takes to address the key issues of the financial services industry. KPMG firms are continuously evolving and growing to ensure we always have the capabilities, strategies, and networks to deliver the insight-driven and technology-enabled services that drive the sustainable value creation organizations require.  

Our local footprint and the deep industry knowledge and our local footprint of our professionals leads to seamless collaboration and practical execution across all sectors including banking, capital markets and insurance and private equity. 

The banking sector has transformed significantly over the last years with the rapid expansion of technology, increasing regulatory requirements because of the 2008 Financial Crisis along with the new business models introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic. It has become a sector where technology and digital operating are evolving the operating model.

Non-regulated financial activities such as cryptocurrencies, fintech and contactless payments, requires the business needs of banks to operate seamlessly across virtual and physical domains. It is evident that an increased transition to digital services has created the opportunity for you to unlock cost savings and redesign core business areas through leveraging technologies such as cloud and automation.

Other key developments include ESG and climate risk which along with cyber securities are now one of the key issues facing banks apart from credit risk. Operational risks are increasing in terms of supervision by Audit Committees and regulators. In addition, new entries such as servicing companies have made a new landscape in challenging times.

Our practice is helping the industry to navigate these challenges and our clients to capitalise on the opportunities. We are confident that we can help you overcome these issues, from developing strategies to better serve your customer base, using technology and data to transform your business, manage capital and liquidity effectively, through to identifying the needs of today's and tomorrow's workforce. By harnessing the international network of KPMG professionals and market expertise, we ensure you are supported both locally and globally, however complex your needs.