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KPMG has a global network of hedge fund professionals.

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KPMG's Global Hedge Fund Practice

Like most areas of financial services, hedge funds are under increased scrutiny from investors and regulators to increase their transparency, transform some of their internal functions and enhance their risk management. In addition, fund managers ongoing quest to seize opportunities to mitigate risk, by taking astute action, calculating risks and making practical investments continues.

Our network of hedge fund professionals understand the issues and challenges that clients face throughout the fund life cycle; from formation and capital accumulation to realization and exit. KPMG’s network of hedge fund professionals work with a broad mix of managers, administrators, custodians, prime brokers and regulators across the hedge fund sector to deliver clear, valuable and practical advice that helps clients enhance value and investment returns. With more than 6000 tax, audit and advisory asset management professionals in more than 150 countries, clients can expect to gain local insights and global experience to help them deliver consistently high-quality results and value.

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