Helping to ensure integrity and transparency.

Helping to ensure integrity and transparency.

Joining us in audit means joining a profession that has never been as important and relevant as it is today. You’ll help ensure the integrity and transparency of the capital markets – maintaining the confidence that is essential for the markets to function. You’ll not only gain a real sense of purpose from the work you’ll do, you will also have access to the inner workings of some of the largest organizations in the world, enabling you to develop a broad business perspective.

Audit focuses on finding definitive answers to some big questions. As experts in the field, we could be asked:

•Does a business own its fixed assets? 

•How much is its stock really worth?

•Does a company's record of its cash balance agree with the records of      the bank?

•What are the values of a company’s investments?

•How effective are the company's financial controls?

•Does the company satisfy regulatory requirements? 

The fundamental role of an auditor is defined as “reporting on whether the annual accounts show ‘a true and fair view’ of the company’s financial activity and position to its shareholders”. That is what makes audit so challenging. 

It is possible for company employees to interpret accounting policies and present financial information so that their business is shown in the best light. That’s where audit comes in. Our job is to help ensure that the right accounting processes are applied and any irregularities in financial reporting are identified. As the industries and economic environments that our clients work in are constantly evolving, we need to stay one step ahead of any changes if we’re to understand the implications on their business.

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