Today's business environment is fast paced and rapidly changing. New innovations, technologies, and business models are reshaping what business means and how companies operate. As some companies work to manage risks associated with disruption, others look at these risks and ask: "How can we use these disruptions and turn them into opportunities?"

Successful companies will understand how risks are evolving and can turn them into competitive advantage. At KPMG, we can help you be a respondent to disruption and find opportunities in risk.

While most companies focus on risk management to help them manage new and emerging risks, others are becoming more proactive in finding opportunities in risk. Leading companies recognise that disruption isn’t solely within the purview of a start-up. Any company can leverage disruption to create new opportunities and break away from their competition.

The question they need to ask is: “How?”. The key is to establish a risk view that goes beyond the defensive and value preservation. This view of risk starts with a company’s ability to understand and identify signals of change for their company, their industry, and the business world in general. When companies don’t see change coming, it’s difficult to respond and stay afloat. But when companies anticipate.

Below you can read more about our services with risk strategy which covers integrated risk management, recovery & resilience and information security management system (ISMS).

How can we help you?

Working shoulder-to-shoulder with you as expert advisors and implementers, we are approachable, attentive and passionate about creating a digital world that is trusted and safe. Because when it comes to cyber security in your business, we are in it together.

We provide a multidisciplinary view of cyber risk, helping you carry security throughout your entire organisation. Cyber risk doesn’t exist in isolation. It can affect product integrity, the customer experience, operations, investor confidence, regulatory compliance, brand reputation and more. That’s why we draw on deep technical proficiency and business expertise — across functions, disciplines, and industries — to understand the implications in your organisation, diagnose vulnerabilities and opportunities, make recommendations, and implement advanced solutions.