Faced with new market opportunities, ongoing economic challenges, increased pressure to improve risk management effectiveness, and unprecedented regulatory requirements, many organisations are recognising the need to transform their internal audit and risk management functions to turn these disruptive forces into opportunities.

As the business and regulatory environments continue to evolve, organisations face emerging risks that challenge traditional strategies and assumptions. In this environment, resilience is the key to organisational survival, and companies need to achieve a balance of governance, risk-management, regulatory compliance and performance.

Leading organisations acknowledge that meeting these new challenges can protect and enhance business value and drive operational efficiencies. They need to envision and implement a holistic model that adds value and meets the demands of regulators, the board of directors and key stakeholders.

Implementation of a GRC framework

Implementing an effective GRC Framework often protects and enhances business value by:

  • Fostering a risk-aware culture, supporting informed decision-making by addressing multiple compliance and assurance layers.
  • Enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Rationalizing risk management, controls and assurance structures and processes, and intelligent use of IT and data management structures.
  • Providing a proactive and dynamic approach.
  • Enabling the organisation to quickly, consistently and efficiently respond to challenges provided by evolving risk profiles and rapidly changing regulatory requirements.
  • Supporting a linkage to strategy.
  • Enabling a company to meet compliance objectives while improving performance by using an integrated framework in support of its strategic objectives.

How we can help you:

At KPMG, our Governance, Risk & Compliance Services deploys multidisciplinary teams of professionals experienced in financial and operational internal auditing, IT, fraud analytics and risk assessment, shared services, finance management, treasury and financial instruments, and the supply chain to augment and enhance an organisations' existing internal audit capabilities.

Our GRC services practice works with internal audit directors and audit committees to develop a quality internal audit function that delivers strategic business assurance, identifies business opportunities, and enhances organisational value.


We can help you with:

- Board advisory services

- Continuous auditing/continuous monitoring

- Design and testing of internal controls

- Contract compliance

- Enterprise risk management assessment and implementation

- Establishing an internal audit function

- Internal audit sourcing

- Regulatory compliance advisory

- Internal control assistance services