We think differently about risk

Amid mounting concerns about geopolitical, reputational and regulatory risks, many organisations struggle to manage the threats they face. This is in part due to inconsistencies in the way different teams communicate, share and interpret information.

It is tempting to point the finger at technology, processes or people, but the problem runs deeper. Only by creating a culture that rewards attention to risk and reward, can it ever become central to business practice.

Opening the channels between the risk team, senior management and all staff is vital. It cannot be left to chance and your business must be ready to respond to any serious incidents that arise.

Our experience shows that being risk-averse is not good for business. Rather you should embed effective risk management into core decision-making. In this way it can positively affect your entire organisation. We will help you make confident, well-informed choices that drive more value and profit to stakeholders so your business can grow intelligently and deliver outstanding results. 

How can we help you?

It is the detail within these areas that our expert’s knowledge, skills and experience help organisations to evaluate, select, invest and deploy technology to achieve competitive differentiation and market growth.

Instead of narrowly focusing on the vulnerability and security components of digital transformation, our professionals take a broader, more holistic view of the risk element. We concentrate on the strategic impact that technologies and new business models can have on your entire organisation. We help you establish a governance framework that embraces disruptive technologies and encourages innovation while ensuring risks are identified and managed, and that stakeholder trust in new technology adoption is achieved.

Technology makes many things possible, but possible doesn't always mean safe. Whether you’re entering a new market, launching products and services, or interacting with customers in a new way, KPMG can help you anticipate tomorrow, move faster, and get on edge with technology that is secure and trusted. That's because we can bring an uncommon combination of technological expertise, deep business knowledge, and creative professionals who are passionate about helping you protect and build your business.