Enabling your business through Integrated Risk Management

A rapidly evolving business environment, regulatory pressures and expectations from internal stakeholders raise the bar for risk management. Integrated Risk Management will lead to greater compliance, cost efficiency, effectiveness, adaptability, resilience, innovation, growth and performance.

To achieve these benefits, the often-siloed approaches towards managing risk must be overcome by transforming towards an integrated risk function. Speaking the same language and closely collaborating across the three lines of defence are pre-requisites to managing risk effectively.

Integrated Risk Management enables organisations to secure trust by enhancing risk management to both improve the likelihood of desired outcomes, while simultaneously reducing the likelihood and severity of adverse outcomes in a more commercial and transparent way.

How can we help you?

The KPMG Integrated Risk Management framework lets clients envision and implement a digital integrated risk management system. Our framework enables integration of front, middle, and back-office operations with effective risk governance. We design future-proof risk solutions that adapt to changing needs. And our platform-based approach enables centralised compliance management and optimises communication via real-time reporting to business unit leaders. The result is effective service transition that lets risk solutions become a function of the overall business.

Our collaboration with Oracle, ServiceNow, Workday, and other leading ERP solution providers lets us use automated tools and enhanced capabilities to strengthen your transformation journey. We deploy an agile delivery methodology, providing preconfigured cloud-based solutions that are fully mobile enabled