We provide strategic advisory services and assistance within all kinds of IT projects, whether they originate from or concern the modernisation of legacy applications or infrastructure, cloud migrations and transformations, outsourcing, in-sourcing, out-tasking, complex acquisitions, carve-outs, etc.

Many clients often find themselves in a so-called 'supplier lock-in', where the collaboration between the client and the supplier is based on an old, outdated and inflexible contract that no longer supports the client's business ambitions and, in particular, does not support the business needs. These factors create the perfect conditions for a poor and conflict-ridden collaboration. It is often difficult to get out of these contracts, as the technical system documentation and its quality are extremely limited and do not enable the client to initiate an actual tender process. Often, the supplier will not actively improve the system documentation and its quality either, due to a lack of contractual incentives.

Each IT project is unique. However, based on our own experiences on the Danish market and from our international collaboration with the KPMG network, we have combined many years of experience and expertise with clients who have been in the same situation as you. We are therefore familiar with most challenges and issues and have a tried and tested solution ready for almost every imaginable situation and challenge. We can draw from our experiences from the international KPMG network of over 265,000 employees and thereby differentiate ourselves from many of our competitors by having access to some of the world's leading experts within their own domain areas.

You can read more about how we advise on IT sourcing throughout the contract lifecycle here.

Our work with IT sourcing strategy

We assist, among other things, with the design of an IT sourcing strategy tailored to your business ambitions and needs. We also offer in-depth analyses and benchmarks of your IT organisation, IT contracts, prices, service targets, etc., which will typically result in a series of recommendations for your organisation that can catapult your organisation to the next level.

Often, an IT sourcing strategy will contain or refer to some IT architecture principles and a technological choice. We are one of few advisers on the Danish market who can offer great synergy benefits and end-to-end IT advisory services in relation to this. We offer market-leading expertise and skills within technological platforms such as ServiceNow,5 Ivalua and Coupa.6 We are thus able to offer a process where no decision is lost in translation, and where there is a distinctive connection between strategy, planning, execution and implementation.

IT Target Operating Model

Our many years of expertise and experience within IT management consulting have given us a unique insight into what works and what does not work in practice. Our IT Target Operating Model (ITOM) is based on six different topics, which are used to map what a future-proof IT operating model might look like:

IT Target operating model
  • Functional Processes: The track regarding Functional Processes describes the various process flows and designs that are wanted going forward. It could, for example, be a comprehensive change to the purchasing function and the associated approval flows.
  • People: The track regarding People describes which roles should be in the future target IT organisation as well as accountabilities and responsibilities for each individual role. It could, for example, be a decision regarding interactions and responsibility areas between an IT Contract Manager, a Service Delivery Manager, a System Owner and a Process Owner.
  • Service Delivery Model: The track regarding Service Delivery Model describes the specific interfaces within IT Service Management and describes who performs what, when and how in relation to the various ITIL processes.
  • Technology: The track regarding Service Delivery Model describes the specific interfaces within IT service management and describes who performs what, when and how in relation to the various ITIL processes.
  • Performance Insights & Data: The track regarding Performance Insights & Data includes what reporting should look like in the future and what tangible actions the reporting should lead to. It also includes a decision on master data management and how to ensure high data quality, control and usefulness.
  • Governance: The track regarding Governance describes what the future target organisational division should look like to ensure fast and efficient decision-making processes. It could, for example, include a decision on which risk management and control model is wanted in the future.

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We advise through all phases of the IT contract lifecycle