A connected enterprise has the ability to architect and engineer intelligent digital services, technologies and platforms to deliver on the customer promise in an agile, cost-effective and scalable manner while maintaining security.

Disruption is everywhere. It’s changing the way customers want to interact with your business and encouraging new challengers into your market. Cloud-based technology can help make you more agile and able to respond far faster to these challenges, while identifying where best to focus your efforts to create the most value for your organisation. By leveraging the right tools, you can tap into the enormous potential of the cloud and digital transformation, without breaking what already works. Together with the right blend of knowledge, processes and technology, you can respond to customer service issues faster, win more business – and keep your clients coming back for more. 

Customer-centric organisations stand out in three areas:

• They think "from the outside in" and use the customer's perspective as a catalyst to build the strategy behind their business.

• They use their insights to meet the customer's needs and interests in order to create engagement throughout the customer journey.

• They ensure that the entire business organisation - front, middle and back office - is geared to understand customer needs and act accordingly.

How can KPMG help?

If your organisation wishes to implement a digitally enabled strategy, we can help you with the following:

  • Identifying, planning and creating the best operating model for your business, your people and your technology investment.
  •  Pre-configured processes and technologies to get you off to a faster start, which can be adapted to suit your business.
  • Reducing the risks and challenges of digital transformation, drawing on extensive experience in technology implementation.
  • Customer-centric digital strategy and architecture that integrate new digital platforms with legacy systems for a better employee experience.

Contact our experts within digital strategy

Martin is an expert in customer-facing initiatives at a strategic level. His areas of expertise include customer-centric strategies, target operating models and redesigning IT organisations.

Line can help transform your organisation, its processes and culture with proactive customer-centric initiatives that can advance your competitive advantage and ensure sustainable growth.

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