Every business is a data business and building a connected enterprise can help your data work smarter. In a time where customers are increasingly empowered, connected and eager for seamless experiences, insight-led companies can be better equipped to understand their customers’ needs and wishes, as well as the health of their businesses.

With the roadmap and tools to meet your company’s unique needs, you will be able to enable, activate and harness data, analytics and actionable insights. You will have a real-time, multi-dimensional view of your customers, allowing you to develop and shape meaningful and effective customer strategies and a personalised approach to executing them. Stay ahead of global shifts in social, technological and geopolitical trends. Measure customer sentiment around the world. Harness data from social media, online surveys and transactions. Insights are everywhere. Connected enterprises can turn them into opportunities.

Key considerations:

• Is your Data and Analytics (D&A) strategy foundational to your business growth?

• Do your D&A capabilities give you a holistic understanding of your business ecosystem?

• How do your data practices help you to provide a real time, 360 degree view of your customers?

• Are you equipped to adopt both basic statistical and advanced tools to help meet emerging analytical needs?

• Are you able to augment and translate data from the front, middle and back offices and back again to the customer?

• Do you have detailed policies and frameworks in place to ensure information security and privacy?

How can KPMG help?

 If your organisation wishes to be more insight-driven, we can help you with the following:

  • Developing an enterprise data and insights strategy, with a measurement framework and the insight ecosystem to support it.
  • Assessing and integrating data assets across departments and systems, aligning with the voice of the customer to create a coherent, real-time picture.
  • Implementing a bespoke framework, which is designed to enable you to understand your customers’ behaviour and where to invest to meet their expectations.
  • Using predictive analytics to anticipate customer needs, personalise the experience and improve the customer experience overall.