Today’s customers are better informed and more demanding than ever before. Therefore, sustainable growth in a digital world depends on recognising the power of the customer and aiming to ensure your organisation is truly connected and customer-centric. This entails building the foundation for continually understanding the customer and ensuring aligned business functions that work together to meet customers’ needs.

Many companies struggle to take this leap and often end up building their strategic foundation on gut feeling and yesterday’s business logic data. To become customer-centric, companies must start with understanding the customer and work backwards from there.

Our Customer & Growth team interviewed 25 Danish small-, medium- and large companies on the topic. Findings show that companies struggle to develop and deliver on the potential of customer-centricity and on implementing solutions in the main areas most critical to becoming more customer-centric. Download the report and get valuable insights into:

  • How to adapt your company to a customer-centric mindset
  • Which pitfalls to avoid
  • How to benefit from customer-centric initiatives