Public and government spending is subject to continued scrutiny and expanded efficiency demands in these years. The increased demand for transparency, and continued focus on keeping the budgets, is setting new standards for financial management in the public sector.

In order to meet these new requirements, the modern public organisation has to be highly professional, extremely efficient and very well organised. 

Optimisation, innovation and governance

At KPMG we focus on optimisation, innovation and governance for public clients and we work with all aspects of financial management in the public sector. We strive to realise the benefits attainable by a professional administration of the finance function.

Above all, this means, that we are focused on task execution and financial management being expediently organised, so the roles regarding budget responsibility and responsibility of approval at management level is complied, as well as management supervision and controls being done at the right level in the organisation.

We help clients reach the benchmark for good financial management in their organisations, and have extensive knowledge of external demands in the form of rules and regulations. We also have in-depth experience with the main processes within budgeting, registering and reporting. This includes a detailed understanding of working with advanced accounting tools, presenting accounts, government accounting and office budget responsibility. 

Our approach

We can help design a budget model to support our clients need for control during regular working days, including; managing funding, activities, internal buying and selling, resources and helping ensure that managers and finance assistants are able to perform continuous daily follow-up.

Further, the design of the right budget model can assist managers in getting an overview of their revenue and costs, supporting a correct accrual of the revenue and costs, easing the planning of future activities. 

We discuss financial management possibilities and ideas with the client and then we help implement the agreed upon terms to the client's satisfaction.