The Danish healthcare is changing and a number of complex issues presses on. The population is aging and budgets are tight. At the same time, the expectations of our healthcare system are rising, driven by a focus on increased transparency, new technology and the rapid development in many adjacent sectors.

KPMG advises and supports professionals, managers and executives in healthcare, so they can help create positive change through restructuring, improved quality, efficient use of resources and a more strategic use of health technology.

Our experts have extensive knowledge of the pressing issues - not just in healthcare but across the public sector. We offer a comprehensive range of consulting services, including experience and support in strategy, analysis, procurement, BI / data management, shared services and outsourcing, expenditure management and IT project management. Thus, we help our clients to focus on their core competencies to provide good and efficient healthcare.

We think across silos, see the link between social and healthcare efforts and work with data-driven management information and decision support.

We have a global network of over 4,000 experts in health, and in Denmark we combine global experience with local knowledge and expertise. We use a number of smaller but highly specialised partners to help the sector to find solid and innovative solutions to healthcare system related challenges, seize opportunities and prepare the sector for the future.